September 4, 2016

How It Works?

Aspiring Author’s Zone Membership (MFB) is a membership driven community platform where all human and material resources are utilized to its optimum level and the resultant cost-saving (benefits) distributed to its further reach and development.

To ease the life of an Aspiring Author we have removed the complexity of print publishing and created 3 segments.

The first two categories are exclusive for first time writers, self-publishing authors who are new to this domain. Premium Services is for established authors (Publishing Entrepreneurs) who wish to take leverage of our collective resources and wanted to get instant profits / success.

MFB Membership Level -1

Amateur Authors  – ready to publish first ebook

MFB Membership Level -2

Aspiring Authors – ready to publish first paperback edition

MFB Membership Level -3

Premium Professional Services


Alliance & Associates                        *coming soon

More levels and  participation slots will be added to accommodate all relevant editing, translating, printing, publishing, ITES, marketing and Book distribution services

If you feel that you can serve the community please contact us now