Happy Independence Day

Welcome to Aspiring Author’s Zone


What a wonderful day to start the project.

15th August, Indian Independence Day!

For us the significance and importance of this day is manifold.

1st naturally as true Indian commemorating the nation’s independence from the empirical rule while remembering the sacrifice of many lives of freedom fighters during freedom movement.

The other important point is to initiate the movement, a revolution to support Self-Publishing Authors, Aspiring writers who wish to see their first book, first love to get published. The idea is accepted by all to co-work on this auspicious day.

This project, the co-creation of common platform for aspiring authors to get support, services and mentoring / guidance from established and experienced writers, publishers, copy editors, graphic designers, pre-press and post publication professionals, marketing gurus, book distributors, book shops and library owners, managers and all who join the community to give FREEDOM to amateur writers, aspiring authors from the complex traditional print & publishing giants.

I wish that we all must Live and Lead LIFE happily, filled with Love, Peace and Joy of Being You and celebrating our core skills, writing, reading and spreading good work.

MyFirstBook.in will serve the English language writers while PehliKitab.com is for regional language authors.

Thanks Munish Markan, Meena Mehta, Srishti Beher, Ayush Bansal, Pankhuri Dhaiya, Rajinder, Esha, Neha Bakshi, Sunita and my motivators Jitesh, Rishi Tandon for saying yes to the idea and becoming part of this movement.



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